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  • Naciscione, Anita. 2001. Phraseological Units in Discourse: Towards Applied Stylistics. Riga: Latvian Academy of Culture: xi, 283 pp. ISBN-9984-9519-0-1.
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This book explores phraseology and language use, and offers the reader new perspectives on the stylistic use of phraseological units in discourse. The author challenges some of the prevailing assumptions about phraseological units in use.

The book falls into two main sections. Part One offers a new approach to the key terminology and the basic concepts, and provides a comprehensive discourse-based treatment of phraseological units. The author explores the role of cohesion in the sustainability of a phraseological image in discourse. The exploration of phraseological meaning across sentence boundaries is supported by ample textual illustrations of stylistic use ranging from OE to MoE. In Part Two the author argues for the need to view applied stylistics as a distinct area and the necessity of raising stylistic awareness among teachers and learners of language and literature, translators, lexicographers and advertisers.

An extensive glossary gives clear-cut definitions, which support and reflect the analysis of the key terms and concepts. There is a comprehensive bibliography, providing the basis for readers to pursue their further interest in the area.

It is highly recommended to all teachers and students of English language and literature, as well as advanced learners of English as a foreign language.

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